About QueerPlans®

QueerPlans® is the top event organiser of collaborations between content creators and influencers worldwide, providing all the services that top creators require to generate any content needed to feed their social media, including full career management, business advisors and tax specialists to optimise both the income and taxes paid by content creators.

Both the WorldCreatorsTour and WorldCreatorsHouse are fully owned by QueerPlans. In both you will enjoy shooting in the finest luxury villas and hotels, landscapes and adventure excursions with some of the best international creators, photographers and videographers.

QueerPlans is based in the European Union (Canary Islands – Spain), and its brand is registered in all member countries of the European Union (EUIPO 016806796) and the United States of America (USPTO Serial Number: 87490020).


Calle las margaritas 39, villa 26 — 35100, San Agustín, Las Palmas, Spain