About QueerPlans

QueerPlans is a LGBTQ+ travel community, digital platform and event promoter.

QueerPlans members benefit from exclusive discounts and additional bonuses when traveling with any eligible LGBTQ+ company, while meeting international and local celebrities worldwide in some of the trips listed in our website and social media.

We only collaborate with companies that support the rights and give visibility to the LGBTQ+ community. We are pioneers creating new forms of entertainment, social awareness and spaces of freedom for our community.

QueerPlans is based in the European Union (Spain). Its brand is registered in all member countries of the European Union (EUIPO 016806796) and the United States of America (USPTO Serial Number: 87490020).


Avda. Maisonnave 28 Bis, 4 — 03003, Alicante, Spain

VAT number: ESB54938394