World Creators Tour 2023 Bookings

Professional Collabing Events for International Content Creators


Generate the content you need to feed all your social media for months in these extremely profitable professional collabs for OnlyFans, Instagram and Tik-Tok content, shooting in the best luxury villas and hotels, landscapes and adventure excursions with professional photographers and videographers specialized in male erotic content.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be a member of the World Creators Tour and boost your personal brand and monthly income collaborating and networking regularly with lots of top international creators!

Upcoming WorldCreatorsTour™ Events in Maspalomas with Open Bookings:

All events of the WorldCreatorsTour™ and stays at the WorldCreatorsHouse™ villas and resorts are FREE for the creators with an active QueerPlans management or content creation plan.

Creators not yet signed with QueerPlans can participate in one trial event booking their desired option.

Select in this section the event you would like to book. You will be able to customize the dates in the following sections.

The Professional Category trips of the WorldCreatorsTour™ include specialist photographers and videographers to coordinate the collabs and create your content in the way you like, with daily shootings in luxury resorts and villas, private SPA, yacht, sex-clubs and the best locations of the island to generate the particular kind of Social Media content you prefer (OnlyFans, Tik-Tok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

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Each edition of the WCT include:

  • Premium accommodation in private resort with dozens of top international creators
  • Professional photographers and videographers specialized in adult content in all activities
  • Exciting group activities every day, with private pool parties, adventure excursions, shootings in luxury villas and adult clubs, sightseeing of awesome landscapes of dormant volcanoes and canyons, camel riding along desert dunes of sand by the Atlantic ocean and endless optional activities to choose for a completely unique experience and content creation in beautiful and famous landscapes that make every edition unique
  • Full day navigation and private boat party along the amazing coasts and beaches of Gran Canaria, with extra equipment for filming your collabs on the sea
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome and farewell parties
  • Promotion in the social media of all the other creators in the trip, World Creators Tour and QueerPlans networks
  • More than 25 members of QueerPlans charming gay staff on-site organizing everything for you: cooks, DJs, photographers and videographers, housekeepers, waiters, car and bus drivers, excursion guides, yacht captains and sailors, trip coordinators, assistants, administration and marketing personnel at your service so you can just focus on creating top-quality content everyday and enjoying this unique adventure to the maximum!

Professional Collaborations to maximize your income

Successful adult-content creators need to produce the regular high-quality material that their paying fans demand, requiring constant collaborations with a broad variety of other top content creators.

These very profitable collaborations are the base of a quick and continuous growth, both securing your current paying followers and steadily expanding your fan-base by reaching new audiences.

With years of experience in the organization and promotion of premium vacations and events for international influencers, porn stars and their followers, QueerPlans brings that expertise to the service of the most successful and talented adult-content creators.

Being part of a broad network of collaboration with the most talented creators worldwide is essential to maximise your potential and continue growing your personal brand and revenue.

In these collaborations, you will experience an amazing week like no other, with all kinds of unique activities specifically tailored for you all around the paradisaical island of Gran Canaria, famous for been one of the most open, fun and diverse destinations and having the best climate in the world.

With as many as 96% of weeks of sunshine and 26ºC (79F) mean max temperatures during the whole year, the Canary Islands are a permanent MUST destination for the global travellers in every season.

Professional photographers and videographers, cameras and equipment will be at your disposal in outdoors and indoors activities for the creation of your content in the way you like.

Bring your content creation, personal brand and revenue to a distinctive professional level collaborating with your favorite international stars and the most talented fresh starlets.