Themed Weekend Meetup with LGBTQIA+ Personalities

Configure and pre-reserve – Free for members

Configure and pre-reserve – Free for members


Configure and pre-reserve – Free for members




About Meetup Pre-reservations

Meetup Pre-reservations let you join Themed Weekend Meetups with your favorite internet personalities all around the world. You can configure and save your preferences to your QueerPlans account. After you save a pre-reservation, you will have a place provisionally reserved in all upcoming Meetups that match your preferences.

You will be notified by email every time a celebrity confirms the dates and details of the Meetups you like. Your place in all upcoming Meetups that match your pre-reservation will be reserved for you during 3 days counting from the day of notification. You can always decide to join or skip any Meetup and skip as many Meetups as you want.


Configuring a Pre-reservation

Select all the options you like in each of the four sections above. You can select up to 3 Hosting Celebrities and unlimited options in the other sections. Use the text fields at the bottom of each section to vote for a new option.

New hosts from different fields will be added every week based on the votes from our members and others will disappear, so make sure you don’t miss the hosts you like!!!

If you are not a QueerPlans member yet, you can still configure your pre-reservation and proceed to checkout. The minimum required membership tier (Blue) will be automatically added to the cart. Blue membership has a cost of 99€ 49€ per year for new members.


After the pre-reservation period

No action is needed from you if you decide to skip a Meetup. To confirm your assistance though, you will have to pay the Meetup fee. Meetups have a fee ranging from 99€ to 299€ (euro) per person and include all scheduled group activities during the weekend.

The Hosting Celebrities will regularly publish news and polls in their social media for QueerPlans members to participate and vote in the design of their Meetups.


Pre-reservation Limits

Each pre-reservation you make will remain active until you join a Meetup that matches.

Blue Members can keep 2 active pre-reservations.
Silver Members can keep 5 active pre-reservations.
Gold and Platinum members can keep any number of simultaneous pre-reservations.

Members can upgrade to a higher tier at any time from My account.