General Terms of Service

This are the general ToS applying to all QueerPlans memberships and events. Each particular event is organized in partnership with a local Travel Agency, which will publish the details of the event and its particular Terms and Conditions simultaneously.

All events, trips and meetups organized by QueerPlans are created on-demand for our members, tailored and adapted to their preferences.

After you become a member and configure your preferences they’ll be matched to the selections of the rest of our members worldwide to organize the events more demanded.

Celebrities participating in our events

International Celebrities and Influencers participate in most of our events and activities.

Depending on the nature of the event they will have a leading role or participate as any other QueerPlans member.

We invite new Celebrities to join QueerPlans regularly, based on the preferences of our members. They join events every time enough members select them as hosts in their subscription preferences.

Fees and costs

We charge a small annual fee to our members to be able to provide our services. Compare the benefits of each membership and its current annual fee.

We want all our members to be able to afford and join events frequently, so we keep all non-optional fees to the minimum.

You’ll be able to join many events for a flat rate of 50€ (euro) ~ $50 (US dollars) per day, which will include all scheduled group activities with the Celebrities hosting the event.

We provide all other services as optional, to give our members the maximum flexibility and adapt to all budgets.

Configuring your preferences and subscribing

QueerPlans members can configure and customize their preferences about all future events they want to attend.

After saving a configuration you’ll be subscribed to all the future events that match your preferences until you modify that subscription or your membership expires.

Navigate to “My Account” section to see all the details about your trips, subscriptions, membership and other account details.

Follow the links in the top navigation menu to subscribe to events in different continents.

Joining events

After you subscribe to the events you like, your place in all upcoming events that match your saved preferences will be provisionally reserved for you.

You’ll get access to all future group Vacations and Meetups through your personal area in the website, with all options to customize and book the ones you want.

We’ll notify you by email every time a celebrity confirms the dates and details of new events you like.

You can join or skip as many events as you want while your QueerPlans annual membership is active.

QueerPlans Annual Memberships

QueerPlans has four annual membership tiers. All of them will allow you to customize, subscribe and join unlimited events while your membership is active:

  • Blue Members can subscribe to and join events in 1 continent. Your place will be reserved for booking during 3 days after the notification of each event.
  • Silver Members can subscribe to and join events in 2 continents, and book events with free places at any time after they receive the invitation to join.
  • Gold and Platinum members can subscribe to and join events in all continents, at any time.

Compare the benefits of each membership in detail.

Members can upgrade their status at any time from My Account.